bodies of sound 

Bodies of Sound is an experimental project that combines collaboratively improvised sound, movement and camera to create interdisciplinary pieces tied to captivating locations. 


Looking out from our currently sheltered and often lonely viewpoints, our work provides a narrative of compassionate listening and deeper human connection through artistic collaboration in the now. This is the only way in which wholesome and satisfactory improvisations can emerge in order to sustain and reveal hidden stories that intrigue and ultimately shift our individual and communal perceptions of ourselves and each other.

Started in 2019 by myself and director/videographer Pavel Radu, Bodies of Sound emerged from a series of self-funded sessions that brought together hand-picked vocal improvisers, dance artists and videographers/sound engineers in order to delve deep into the process of collaborative improvisation tied to a specific location/story/narrative. 


Since then, we have travelled to the Berlin wall as well as shot at the London Dock and a flat in South East London under a Sound & Music and British Music Collection commission. Over the coming months, we plan to share what we’ve produced with you, as well as plan the next stage of the project that will hopefully involve more dancers and dance companies, vocalists and musicians, as well as producers and sound artists.