oČ e  naš hlapca jerneja


During my last visit to Slovenia in October 2019, I managed to stop by Kombinat Female Choir's rehearsal space in the centre of Ljubljana and record a piece of mine that takes its words from the 19th century novel by Ivan Cankar.

I tried to capture the spirit of resistance that they embody as a choir and a collective and explore a take on patriarchy and worker's rights that points to the economic reality that hasn't changed much over the last two centuries.

Mladim kruha, stardom kamen,

bolnim ribo, zdravim kačo.

Tvoje pravice iščem, ki si jo poslal na svet,

kar si rekel, ne boš oporekel,

kar si napisal, ne boš izbrisal!

Ne v ljudi ne zaupam, ne v pravico ne zaupam,

v tvoje besede zaupam!

Oče naš, oče naš, oče naš,

oče naš!


Ne izkušaj jih predolgo, dotakni se njih oči,

da bodo čudežno izpregledale!

Neskončno si usmiljen, daj beraču vbogajme,

neskončno si pravičen, daj delavcu plačilo!

Oče naš, oče naš, oče naš,

oče naš!

You can watch the full animated video by Sara Požin below and find out more about Kombinat here. 


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