Follow Me

Follow Me and we shall find

Broken light to tend my cry

Never meant to feel like mine

Words and music by Jaka Škapin

Video by Jameisha Prescod

Mixed by David Holmes

Mastered by Giles Barrett

Lipa, Lipa

The linden tree grew green, 
there in the fragrant grove, 
she showered me with blossoms, 
as I professed my blissful mode. 

Like you when pleading. 

The linden tree. 

Stretching her branches, 
up high to the sky and wrath, 
questioning me, 
about my inner doing and path,  
my inner doing doing and path, 
and when will I evade her next? 

Yet into my heart, 
she reached deeply.  

The poor thing, 
now almost withered. 
Blossoms, leaves of green, 
taken by the winter. 

Like you when pleading.

Written, arranged, produced and performed by Jaka Škapin 
Mixed by David Holmes 
Mastered by Giles Barrett 
Cover by Sara Požin