Zoom duets

Zoom Duets is a series live movement and voice improvisations capturing the three UK lockdowns.


Translating the layers of emotion while connecting through Zoom and singing with Toussaint To Move has been transformative. It was also very edgy and a real challenge, but we thought that we captured and released at least some of what has been brewing on the inside.


If anything, I hope that this can start a conversation about what needs to come out as we move through the next couple of weeks. Thank you for listening!


Music improvised by Jaka Skapin on the Boss 505 vocal looper

Movement improvised by Toussaint To Move

Video edited by Jameisha Prescod

I. Down, up

Down, Up (a live improvisation)
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It is hard to know how to start your day and when to end it. Some moments fly by as others drag on and add to the pressing feeling in my chest. My face is tense, and my palms are sweaty. Can I endure this dissonance?


Around (a live improvisation)
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To me, last autumn still lingers around with its sense of in-betweenness. Yes, it created more movement, but the layers of not knowing kept on pilling up. Open-ended and pulsating are the words.


In, Out (a live improvisation)
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May it prepare you for what lies ahead. It reminds me of the constant murmuring and interplay of sometimes spacious, sometimes dense through that are dancing around inside my mind. I'll hope you'll settle in and let the ending draw you in whatever direction you need to go.