I’m a Slovenian artist, producer and musician. Currently based in London, I base most of my creative practice in the individual and communal use of voice and language, especially through collaborative improvisation.

In brief 

2012-2014 – Musical Director, Arranger, Manager – Chillax Youth Choir

2014-2017 – Bachelor of Music – Music Performance and Production – London College of Creative Media

2016 – Tenor – Tenso Europe Chamber Choir

2016-2017 – Assistant MD – National Youth Jazz Orchestra Academy

2016-present – General Manager – Sans Soucis

2016-present – Musical Director – Dancing With Parkinson’s by Danielle Teale 

2016-present - Tenor - London Philharmonic Choir

2017 – Conductor – Voces Academy Musical Leadership Programme

2017-2018 – Master of Arts – Creative Entrepreneurship – London College of Creative Media

2019-2020 – Collaborative Vocal Improviser – Wild Voice Solid Roots with Briony Greenhill

2020 - Collaborative Vocal Improviser and Circlesinging facilitator - CVI and Circlesinging for song leaders with Guillermo Rozenthuler

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