I’m a Slovenian artist, composer and improviser based in London. My musical background is firmly rooted in the choral and jazz traditions, while my current practice revolves around the use of collaborative improvisation as a practice of artistic self-expression and creative connection with others. 


In brief 


2012-2014 – Musical Director, Arranger, Manager – Chillax Youth Choir

2014-2017 – Bachelor of Music – Music Performance and Production – London College of Creative Media

2016 – Tenor – Tenso Europe Chamber Choir

2016-2017 – Assistant MD – National Youth Jazz Orchestra Academy

2016-present – General Manager – Sans Soucis

2016-present – Musical Director – Dancing With Parkinson’s by Danielle Teale 

2016-present - Tenor - London Philharmonic Choir

2017 – Conductor – Voces Academy Musical Leadership Programme

2017-2018 – Master of Arts – Creative Entrepreneurship – London College of Creative Media

2019-2020 – Collaborative Vocal Improviser – Wild Voice Solid Roots with Briony Greenhill

2020 - Collaborative Vocal Improviser and Circlesinging facilitator - CVI and Circlesinging for song leaders with Guillermo Rozenthuler

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Jaka Skapin gratefully acknowledges support from PRS Foundation for his upcoming  solo project.