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We’re interested in compassionate connection between people, and with ourselves, and how dance could contribute to greater self awareness, leading to greater care for ourselves and others. Collective IDentity (CID), is the latest in a series of multidisciplinary explorations directed by Danielle Jones, with dancers, musicians, visual artists, film and photography. Alongside long time collaborator Jaka Skapin, this project explores the intersection between improvised, mindful expression, and professional, co-creative practice with dancers with Parkinson’s.

Luminelle - Collective IDentity
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Collective IDentity (2021) has produced a body of artistic work that represents the collaborative enquiry of dancers with Parkinson’s across the country. This practice and research project, spanned across 18 months working with 7 national partners funded by Arts Council England. The live dance and music programme directed by Danielle Jones saw an exploration of togetherness and empathy, and a personal enquiry into identity and collectivity, both on screen and in person.


The project spanned lockdown periods from Spring 2021 through to re-entry into in-person activity in Spring 2022. The multidimensional dance and music content was shared through live online and in person workshops, a bespoke online community platform designed to engage with outside the dance programme, a bespoke one-to-one workshop programme in dancers homes, and the creation of a touring exhibition of visual artwork and photography.

For Slovene speakers, here is me and Danielle being interviewed about CID for Slovenian national radio, as well as a feature on the accessibility section of their website.

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