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As a vocal improviser, I have been lucky enough to study with Rhiannon and complete her All the way in course in 2022,  join Bobby McFerrin and his stelar international faculty at the Circlesong School in Berkeley CA, attend Guillermo Rozenthuler’s training for song leaders, and spend 2020 and 2021 with Briony Greenhill and her Wild Voice Solid Roots programme. 

In 2020, I organised SINGING OUT, SINGING IN, SINGING UP, an online gathering which was aimed at opening the discussion around Collaborative Vocal Improvisation as an emerging art form. You can watch the recording of the event below.

In 2021, I have self-released a fully collaboratively improvised a cappella album alongside some of my favourite singers and presented it through a series of online and in-person events. The album was described by Backseat Mafia as a delectable, original and evocative kaleidoscope of soul-baring stories.You can read more about the project here. 

Around the same time, I also joined Anthropos: Songs of Humanity, a vocal improvisation ensemble formed by Guillermo Rozenthuler and featuring Kate Smith, Sylvia Schmidt and Marcia Willis. You can find out more about Anthopos and listen to our live and studio recordings here. 


During the pandemic, I have also been facilitating online as part of The Daily 10 & 6, which brought together the UK vocal improv community in daily vocal improvisation drop in session led by a wondrous group of facilitators. 


In 2022, we took a step forward as a community and organised the first ever UK Vocal Improv Festival Retreat at Penny Brohn UK near Bristol. It was such a blast to be part of the organising and facilitation team. If you’d like to come next time and stay updated, please subscribe here. 

As a vocal improviser, I have performed at Codarts’ Vocal Leadership Spring Festival (Rotterdam - online), Lazio Sound Vokalfest (Rome), IFNL Festival (Netherlands), as well as London’s Rich Mix, Iklektik and Southbank Centre. 

A Sound that Triggered
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