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Remembering is a twelve-track, fully improvised collaborative vocal album, out on the 2nd of July 2021 (exclusively on Bandcamp), with the videos out on the 17th of September 2021. 

It was recorded live at Soup Studios in London, during a 3-hour session on 19th July 2020 that brought together some of UK's most experienced vocal improvisers. There was no rehearsal, plan or musical director, just an open space with an invitation to express what was kept on the inside during the first three months of the Covid-19 pandemic and the first national lockdown. 


The release echoes qualities of songwriting, storytelling and a cappella music, but with a twist since all pieces are fully improvised (including the words). I think they all capture a magical moment of sharing and contemplation, as well as carry reflections of deep appreciation, love and care for human connection while acknowledging the restlessness, grief and longing that the 2020 pandemic brought.

This is a fully independent release funded by the performers and produced by Jaka Škapin. Thank you for supporting collaboratively improvised music by purchasing the album and sharing it within your networks.


Remembering was described by Backseat Mafia as “a delectable, original and evocative kaleidoscope of soul-baring stories” (rated 9/10), and featured by LaLaLa Records. 

Featured vocal artists (in alphabetical order):

Briony Greenhill is an artist, teacher and innovator who practices, performs and records primarily improvised music on themes of human depth, paradigm shift, the intimacy and bigger picture of our times.

Guillermo Rozenthuler is a vocal artist from Argentina based in the UK. He’s a keen improviser and circlesong leader, strongly influenced by a cappella tribal music from around the world, as well as Jazz and Afro-Latin music. As a vocalist, he also collaborates with various Argentine Tango ensembles across Europe.

Kate Smith is a vocal artist, composer and workshop leader. She is the creator of The Embodied Voice, a research, performance, and teaching practice bringing together voice, movement, and improvisation, and enjoys a diverse artistic career spanning the worlds of classical voice to improvisation.

Collaborative vocal improvisation is one of Marcia Willis’ favourite ways of being present to life through music. Although trained as a doctor, she celebrates her ancestral gift of creativity through song, textiles and poetry.

Sylvia Schmidt is a German vocalist, composer and improviser based in London. Alongside writing original music, she has released an album of Appalachian folk music with her duo Kitchman / Schmidt and provided vocals for albums by jazz rising-star Glasshopper, Ibibio Sound Machine and Mimika Orchestra.

Improvised live (including the words) on the 19th of July 2020 
at Soup Studios (London, United Kingdom) 

Producer: Jaka Škapin 
Recording and mixing engineer: David Holmes 
Mastering engineer: Giles Barrett 

Cover images by Jaka Škapin, Briony Greenhill, Guillermo Rozenthuler, Kate Smith, Marcia Willis and Sylvia Schmidt 
Cover design by Sara Požin and Jaka Škapin