E - man - A

The most despicable things that I have ever experienced all trace back to the patriarchy. As a man, what am I going to do about it? Can I emanate something other than what I have been taught and have practiced ever since?


Through the use of live vocal looping, video projection and autobiographical narrative, this solo theatre performance explores what place do the body, language, and improvised song have in the ritual of understanding and challenging patriarchal masculinity from within.

Theatre premiere: Nov 10th 2022, The Cockpit, Voila! Europe Theatre Festival.

Here is an article I write about the show, its script and themes for We Are The City. 

Audience impressions: 

“Visceral, magical, profound.” - Dave Hampton 



Creator and performer: Jaka Škapin
Sound designer: Josh Anio Grigg
Projection designer: Sara Požin 
Lighting designer and technical stage manager: Virginie Taylor 
Production assistant: Elliot Popeau-George

Supported by Sound and Music New Voices and PRS Foundation Open Fund.


E - man- A (teaser)
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